Heaven Scent
  • Heaven Scent


    Deluxe size bouquet displayed.


    This stunning bouquet includes a very unique and special double petal lily, a rare and un-common variety sure to be a favourite with lily lover's. 


    Standard size includes; 3 luxury red roses, 1 ruffled lilies, 3 lisianthus,  2 wax flower and mixed foiliage including eucalyptus, thlaspi and pistache.


    Deluxe size includes; 6 luxury red roses, 3 ruffled lilies, 3 lisianthus,  3 wax flower and mixed foiliage including eucalyptus, thlaspi and pistache.


    In some cases due to availability we may need to substitute flower stems within a bouquet, in such cases we will always ensure the replacement flower stems are of equivalent value & quality.

    • Care Guide

      Caring for your bouquet to receive maximum life upon receiving; fill two thirds of a fresh vase with water. You will find flower food attached to your bouquet, please mix this into the water. Unwrap the cellophane around your bouquet allowing the flowers to breathe, once everything is removed please cut the stems of the bouquet at an angle. If you wish for the bouquet to stay beautifully arranged leave the ribbon at binding point and place in the vase. To keep flowers looking fresh please clean and refill your vase every three days, do not place near a hot radiator or sunny window this will speed up growth. We hope you enjoy your flowers and they make your week special.