• Cambria


    The Cambria Orchid is quite a hard one to find and since we love bringing our customers something unique and exiting we just had to add it to our shop! Purchase just one, two or three of these beauties create a perfect vibrant surrounding in your home.  

    • Care Guide

      Keep your Orchid in its container in a place where it has plenty of light but not direct sunlight, If the plant has too much sunlight the leaves will turn yellow.

      Orchid plants need little watering but enjoy regular humidifying to recall the tropical climate they prefer. Water the plant only once a week with water at room temperature, with either natural rainwater or distilled water. Slowly pour a little water over the soil/bark towards the edges of the pot avoiding the heart of the plant. 

    • Delivery

      All the bouquets can be delivered same day within the local area. All orders to be delivered on the day must be placed by 3pm any orders after this will be delivered on the following working day. Delivery options state delivery allotment times please have a read through carefully and chose which option would suit your recipient best.